Attention all Pacific Northwest musicians!!  Rob Wessels will proudly wear your band t-shirt as he hosts our TV show 'Off the Record!!'

A Local Internet Radio Station in the Portland Metro Area with a focus on local artists and businesses.

 Inspired by a plethora of artists in and around the Portland area.  Portland Metro Records began an internet radio station to give a platform for the artists to be heard.  Listen  here.

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Steppin on Vinyl

Portland Metro Records will be in the TV Studio working on an exciting new episode for Season 2 of 'Off The Record.'

Portland Metro Records will feature Local Musicians @ the 2nd Annual Music Showcase - Aloha Community Farmers' Market 17800 SW Kinnaman Rd, Aloha, OR 97007 from 5-6pm.  With Rebekah Tribe performing.

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2nd Annual Music Showcase @ Aloha Community Farmers' Market


Sept 19th

Off The Record - T-Shirt Request

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Sept 21st


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