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Congratulations Manuel Bellone! You are the next featured artist on Worldwide Records Musi

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Tonight, Off The Record featuring _creaturesociety _Monday July 8th at 8pm on channel 11 o

Off The Record

Off The Records airs every Monday at 8pm on channel 11/21 CAN/Frontier and Tuesday @ 8pm on channel 21 TVCTV or check out our YouTube channel. Search Portland Metro Records.

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PMR Magazine

Featuring artists and bands of all genres from around the world. From our TV show to our online radio and everything in between. 

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PMR merch. From our magazine to hoodies. 

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live Shows

Want to see an amazing live show? Check out these spots.



Portland Metro Records is a Pacific Northwest based internet radio station run by a volunteer staff of music enthusiasts who love independent music and are determined to deliver astounding radio programming from local PNW musicians, musicians from around the world and ASCAP artists.


PMR's purpose is to embrace the plethora of talent that makes up the Pacific Northwest through music.  Our mission is to support emerging musicians and bring their music to the world through our internet radio station.


Portland Metro Records started in July 2014 with programming from local, world and ASCAP musicians.   We feature local musicians during our daily program.  We also provide our listeners with the option to download an Android or iOS app to listen to our radio station on the go.  In 2015, we expanded our internet radio station to live events with local musicians and in 2016 started a TV program 'Off The Record' through our local cable access.

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